By Lauren Chong

On Aug. 12, OC Science held their monthly science fun night at Northwood Ardent Academy. With this month’s theme centered around astronomy, the event was meant to expose and foster an interest in astronomy, a subject rarely covered in elementary science classes.

“I hope the kids will be exposed to astronomy and learn more about it,” head organizer and OC Science Director of Community Outreach Dua Shoaib said. “It is something that is frequently in the news and it is important for the kids to know about it as well.

The event had three rooms of activities including a board game room, an astronomy room and a jeopardy room. The board game room was filled with board game activities to help the students wind down and the jeopardy room was an interactive way for the students to engage their knowledge of astronomy and apply to the fun question based game. With many astronomy based activities in the astronomy room, the students were able to have a lot of fun while also learning more about astronomy.

“I thought that this event was fun and it was fun to do all of the activities about the solar system. I also learned a lot about the galaxy while doing it,” fun night participant Anh Nguyen-Le said.

The astronomy themed activities included solar system bracelet making, constellation viewers and pastel galaxy drawings. Among these activities, the solar system bracelet making was the most popular activity with the students.

“From this whole thing, I learned about the solar system,” fun night participant Aiza Sabir said. “Favorite one was making the solar system bracelet because you can use many types of beads and one bead represents one planet.”

As with all OC Science fun night events, the theme of the night is often times a subject that is overlooked in normal science classes at school. For example, the last fun night event was centered around ecology and the next fun night event in September will have a focus on forensics. In this way, the students will be able to learn more about science in a way that is atypical from their typical science experiences in the classroom.

“The fun nights are a way to show a side of science that is not seen in the textbook,” OC Science board member Joshua Sohn said. “There’s more to science than just a classroom learning. It’s fun and interactive.