On July 14, OC Science held their July fun night event at Northwood Ardent Academy. With the fun night centered around an ecology theme, students learned about the importance of the Earth and its relationship with the different organisms living on it.


“The goal of this event is to familiarize kids with a different type of science. When kids think about science, they think about chemistry, physics, and biology. We wanted to emphasize other groups of science and try to get kids interested in potential branches they can explore more in the future,” OC Science Vice President of Community Outreach Linh Huynh said.


Students went around exploring ecology themed activities including food web games, ocean acidification, aluminum boats to explore density,  After the demonstrations, students attended a lecture where they learned about the Earth’s ecosystem and then participated in a jeopardy game.


“My favorite activity was [the food web activity] because you get know what plants and animals eat what stuff and what other animals eat them,” fourth grader Claire Wang said.


Each activity has a unique lesson behind it and was meant to build upon students’ knowledge of ecology in fun and interactive ways.


“For example, the food web was meant to explore the environment around us,” Director of Community Outreach Dua Shoaib said. “Even though these events are fun, they all have a meaningful lesson we hope kids would take away from it.”


The OC Science executive board took charge of the event and student volunteers helped delegate students through each activity. The board started planning the event three weeks before it started. Huynh, one of the main organizers of the event, mentioned the amount of work and effort they put into this event.


“This event actually took a lot of planning. [We] had to do activity descriptions. We had to get the activities, budget, and everything checked, so it was a pretty long process,” Huynh said.


Following up the ecology event, the next monthly fun night will take place on Aug. 11 at Northwood Ardent Academy and will be centered around an astronomy theme.


“I hope kids would take away from these activity that science just isn’t textbooks, it’s a lot of interactive activities too,” Huynh said.