By: Pranav Moudgalya

April 8th, 2018 marked the annual Orange County Science and Engineering Week (OCSEW) held in Newport Beach, California by non-profit organization, OC Science.

For many students across Southern California, science at school is more than enough. However, for over 100 young science enthusiasts all over Orange County, the OCSEW was the perfect opportunity to put their scientific wits to the test, and the pristine moment to show everyone their logical might.

Consisting of two parts, the Elementary Science Olympiad Invitational and the Junior Engineering Olympiad, the event packed many events and exciting competitions!

The Elementary Science Olympiad Invitational boasted a wide variety of hands-on activities, captained by volunteers of OC Science, which gave students the opportunity to experience science in a more interactive manner. Ranging from events like “Don’t Bug Me” or “Solid, Liquid, Gas”, the events taught these young minds the importance of discovery while encouraging healthy competition among their peers.

The Elementary event concluded with a “Science Bowl” type competition, wherein qualifiers who had received eligibility to compete by solving various STEM-related questions throughout the year faced head-to-head in fierce and intellectual competition. These questions were carefully crafted by the OC Science board members and challenged the students to think beyond their core base of knowledge.

2nd Place finisher Ishan Vannadil and his mother Monika Tanwar both expressed their gratitude towards the event, explaining that the OCSEW event gives students the opportunity to explore their interests, and gain an appreciation for science and innovation.

OC Science would like to thank all the participants of the 2018 OCSEW and wish them luck in next year’s competition. For more information on upcoming events and on OC Science in general, please visit