“Science fun nights let me socialize and get out of the house,” 12-year-old, who is currently home schooled and prepared to start junior year in the fall, Collin Jun said. “My favorite science is chemistry because I like creating bonds and combining chemicals and I’m starting physics next semester.”

There is a wide variety of students with different levels of exposure to physics as displayed by the competitive physics jeopardy in one room where kids no older than 10-years-old answered questions like “What is Newton’s Third Law?” all the way to an activity room where students can build structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks that can sustain a “jello earthquake.”

“[The marshmallow and toothpick activity] is my favorite,” five-year-old Emmanuel said . “It’s my favorite because I’ve never done that before.”

A third room is filled with board games and worksheets for anyone from a more individual learner to a social team player.

“I’m running a worksheet booth,” Sage Hill School sophomore and OC Science volunteer Jacob Gibbs said. “The worksheet booth is where kids can calculate kinetic and potential energy so it’s more of a ‘do-it-yourself’ activity. The kids actually have fun solving problems they didn’t think they were able to do before.”

One student was even found walking around making puns about the “Paper Helicopter” activity and calling them “physics spinners.”

“Students are given a periodic table of OC Science to track how many activities they have done,” Northwood High School junior Joshua Sohn said. “If they complete an entire column, they get a little candy prize.”

Be sure to come out and bring friends to fill out your OC Science periodic table every month and check ocscience.org to find out when the next Science Fun Night will happen at Northwood Ardent Academy.