By Harrison Zhang

2017 OCSEW 5

The mixture of science and engineering with interaction and learning brought the next generation of academic pioneers across the community to the City of Tustin Community Center at The Market Place on Sunday, April 23.

During the Orange County Science and Engineering Week, Orange County Science hosted their third annual event featuring the Elementary Science Olympiad Invitational, Junior Engineering Olympiad, Science Bowl and STEAM Scavenger Hunt and Showcase.

“I'm very happy about the turnout because we had a lot of venue issues,” Orange County Science President and junior Sherry Xu said. “We couldn't start promoting it until two or three weeks ago. Just in the past week our registration doubled. It’s nice to see so many people interested on a relatively short notice.”

2017 OCSEW 8

Orange County Arts member and sophomore Nicholas Mao provided a half-hour lunch performance for the community that included a display of jazz music on the piano.

“Piano adds color to jazz music,” Mao said. “I can go on with jazz for a few hours straight because I just keep improvising.”

While most events were held at the community center, Orange County Math Circle (OCMC) held an official Rubik's Cube Competition in partnership with the World Cube Association at the Discovery Cube.

2017 OCSEW 1

“Originally, all events were supposed to be at the Discovery Cube, but there wasn’t enough space so the Rubik’s Cube event stayed and the rest were moved to Tustin,” OCMC co-president and sophomore Amy Zhong said. “The event went well in general because the kids are all amazing and talented.”

Other Math for Service Organizations hosted booths at the STEAM Scavenger Hunt and Showcase, including business-oriented Orange County Launch, the newest organization which started in December, held a business card and resume making event.

“Today is more about the audience we can reach here,” CEO and junior Lucy Liu said. “Most students here are young and not sure what they want to do yet, so giving them a taste of what business can do is our goal. It’s also good to gain publicity.”

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“OC Science first began hosting the Orange County Science and Engineering Week in 2015 as a way to inspire the interest in science among the youth of Orange County,” Xu said. “This year, we hoped to inspire even more bright young minds to actively pursue science, technology, engineering and math.”