By Michelle Xu

Science Bowl 01

One buzzer. Two students. Three questions.

OC Science continues to host its annual Science Bowl competition as part of the Imaginology week, but for the first time, OC Science began offering Science Bowl Training Session with the first class on Jan. 14 at Ardent Academy Northwood.

OC Science created its own Science Bowl as a way to carry out its mission of spreading the interest of STEM to students in OC.

The rules of the OC Science’s Science Bowl are different from those of the National Science Bowl. OC Science’s Science Bowl is not a team competition - each individual will face one-on-one with another person. A multiple-choice question is read out loud by the moderator, and the first person to press the buzzer gets to answer the question. The first person to get the most questions right out of three gets to move on to the next round.

Science Bowl 02

The Science Bowl is held in April as part of Math for Service’s Imaginology week. In order for participants to qualify for the Science Bowl, they must score high enough in OC Science’s Problems of the Month. The Problems of the Month are a series of science questions released every month on the OC Science website.

“I am very excited about our new program this school year, the Problems of the Month,” OC Science president Sherry Xu says. “I think they really promote scientific thinking among elementary and middle schoolers, and I encourage everyone who can to participate.”

The first class for the Science Bowl Training Session went over what the Science Bowl was and the basic rules of the Science Bowl. Students then participated in a mock Science Bowl to practice the new knowledge that they learned.

“I really like it,” Science Bowl class student Lara Tseng says. “I like the Science Bowl game that we are doing. I didn’t know about the Problems of the Month before, but I think I want to participate in it now.”

Science Bowl 03

Starting in the month of January, OC Science will be conducting its Problems of the Month on Canvas and implement a feedback system.

“This is a fun class,” Science Bowl class teacher Nicholas Lee says. “The kids are very eager to participate in the Science Bowl, and I am sure they are learning new things. I think that when the kids start learning about the actual subjects, they will be even more interested. When the kids actually started practicing in the Science Bowl, they got to learn the different rules of the Science Bowl and they got a feel for what the competition will be like.”

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