By Claire Song

One day before the official start of summer, 46 Math for Service volunteers enjoyed the sun, the beach, sports and each other’s company at Corona del Mar State Beach on Sunday, June 19.

“A bonfire really embodies the summer vibe,” OC Science board member and incoming junior Lucy Liu said. “I believe every person enjoyed their time there. Even without introductions, all of the volunteers that [played volleyball] worked together and joked with each other.”

The annual bonfire serves to welcome the new and returning volunteers to another year.

“My favorite part of the event was definitely the time we got to spend playing football and volleyball with other volunteers and bonding through conversation,” University High School incoming junior Neah Lekan said. “There are few better ways to build teamwork than playing as a team for a common objective.”

In previous years, the bonfire was exclusively held for OC Science; this year, in response to further integration of the organizations, all Math for Service volunteers were invited.

“The overall atmosphere was very welcoming and open,” University High School incoming sophomore Jenna Schindele said. “Even if you didn't know many people, in a couple minutes of activities, you were sure to make new friends. Someone who is new to Math for Service would have left the event with a sense of familiarity of the Math for Service family.”


Math for Service Bonfire 4