The Siemens Foundation proudly announced its 331 Semifinalists and 100 Regional Finalists of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology on October 18th, 2013. A record 2,440 students registered for the competition this year, resulting in 1,599 submitted projects.

This highly prestigious competition is geared towards high school students, to give them an opportunity for scholarships and exploring new topics. Students are challenged to pick a research topic and create a project reflecting their understanding and discoveries. It aims to recognize talent in science, math, engineering, and technology, one of the main goals of the Siemens Foundation. Administered by the College Board, the Siemens Competition expands participants’ inquiry-based research skills, as well as gives them an opportunity to meet other students and scientists.

In order to participate, students must form a team of two to three, except seniors, who can submit individual projects. The topic of research can be anything related to the field of biological and physical sciences, engineering, and math. Such topics include mechanical engineering, genetics, geology, botany, computer science, and much more. Participants must create a report, no longer than eighteen pages, detailing the topic of choice and the research behind it. This year, the deadline to submit this project was September 30th.

After submitting their research, participants eagerly waited for two weeks to hear back from the Siemens Foundation, who would announce those advancing to the next stage of the competition. Regional finalists can advance to one of six regional competitions in November held at several locations, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Notre Dame. At these places, one individual is awarded $3,000 while another team is awarded $6,000, and winners at the regional level advance to the National Finals held at The George Washington University. Scholarship prizes up to $100,000 will be awarded. Finals this year will take place on December 7-10.

The deadline for submitting a project this year has already passed. However, this competition has been strong and will not be going away soon. Interested students are free to participate next year – for more information on the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology, visit and