Orange County Math Circle (OCMC) and All Girls Math Tournament (AGMT) joining with the other MFS organizations hosted the second annual STEAM in the Park event on Saturday, Aug. 26 at Irvine’s renowned Bill Barber Park from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

STEAM in the Park offered a different variety of STEAM activities for young children from grades 3-8. OCMC and AGMT combined had a total of 11 different activities planned, ranging from cup stacking to mental math relay.

Each of these math events in addition to the other organization’s events were lead by the team captain.

“I really like the event Who Wants to Be a Mathematician,” AGMT volunteer and OCSA eighth grader Melody Chang said. “I think it’s a cool event because at first all the kids doubted themselves that they aren’t that good at math, but once they got a question right in this game, they got a piece of candy and felt encouraged.”

Not only did event leaders help contribute to make this event so successful, but also those part of Math for Service came and helped out.

Participants of this event got a taste of what math means in the phrase STEAM through various hands on activities. It allowed them to gain more knowledge of math and think strategically to answer all puzzles and questions.

“Personally, for me, math was a way I met other people that were really interested and passionate,” said OCMC Vice President of Marketing and Troy High School senior Austin Sun. “Math is applicable to almost every subject. I found out, once I got into high school, science subjects got easier for me because they all relied on math and building a strong foundation in math helped me a lot.”

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