“In this event today, I really liked the game of chess,” Laguna Road Elementary student Claire Sim said. “Although I don’t use math for Chess, I use strategies with my brain to defend my pieces.”

This afternoon was packed with games and puzzles such as chess, checkers, tangrams, paper airplane toss, origami and sudoku. Participants had a chance to play every game provided and win various prizes.

“My station is Rubik’s Cubes,” said OCMC volunteer and Corona Del Mar eighth grader Eric Lee. “You can either memorize algorithms or use your intuition like I did when I was really young to perfectly solve these Rubik’s Cubes.”

After each round of a game, each participant received tickets which can be exchanged at the end of the event for prizes like candy, stickers, plushies and stamps. The person who got the most tickets received the grand prize -- a giant stuffed panda toy.

“I feel very excited that I could share [this grand prize] with my family,” Turtle Rock Elementary sixth grader Wendy Cao said. “I liked how I was able to experience many things and use these tactics I used here in bigger competitions later on in life.”

“I really liked that this event was a hands-on event organically created and hosted by members of the OCMC board,” said OCMC Co-President and University High School senior Michael Wu. “In addition to seeing the happy looks on all of the kids faces when they redeemed their tickets for prizes at the end, it was a great bonding event and first challenge that we took on as a board to kick off the 2017-2018 year.”

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