By Hannah Li

2016 SAMC First Class

The Santa Ana Math Club had its first class at the Julia Lathrop Intermediate School on October 15th from 9 to 12 am, and students from fourth to eighth grade all came to learn high level math and have fun.

“I really like it because they were a lot more open minded than other people, so it’s easier to teach them and they’re usually more excited about it.” Fourth grade teacher Nicole Cheung said, “It makes me feel really good because I’m open to new information. I definitely have learned how to be more cooperative with people and more patient in general, because it’s not just about throwing information at them, you have to answer their questions. They often won’t understand things at first so it’s important for me to be patient and help them learn it.”

The fourth and fifth grade classes then took a short snack break with sun chips and water.

“I like learning math on the weekends,” Fourth grade student Rachel Aldacel said, “because I can get good grades.”

After the fourth and fifth grade classes went back to their classrooms to continue learning, the sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes also took a short break to clear their minds and have fun.

“What do you call a destroyed angle?” President Steven Tong said, “A rectangle!”