By Hannah Li

The Middle School Math Club had its first meeting on Oct. 8 at the Ardent UCI campus, from 10 a.m. to noon, where students from all over the county came to learn accelerated math and to improve upon their knowledge.

“I wanted to come to the club so I can improve upon my math skills,” student Aidan Rashtchi said. “I’ve always loved math, and I love working on the weekends for it.”

During the class, the students learned about rate, time, distance, ratios and some trigonometry as well.

“I came to MSMC to learn ahead,” sixth grade student Tanvi Boga said. “I’m still in elementary right now, so I wanted to learn more ahead [about] what they’ll teach in middle school.”

The students are not the only ones who learned something new, however.

“I learned to be patient with all the kids,” head instructor Jerry Li said. “And I’ve tried to be really clear.”

There’s also a sense of community that the teachers earn by doing something good for the children.

“It’s very challenging, yet there’s a sense of fulfillment after you do it,” Li said. “It goes back to the sense of fulfillment. And also, I just feel really good when I see the younger kids as they come to this class.”