By Hannah Li

Hundreds of girls from across the county took part in the sixth annual Math Prize for Girls competition took place on September 10 at MIT’s Building 26.

Math Prize for Girls is a competition designed to encourage young women to become future leaders in math and science, and offers a cash prize of tens of thousands of dollars. The first place prize alone is $31,000.

“I applied to the competition because I saw that it was a great opportunity to meet other girls who were also interested and excelled in mathematics from all over the world,” competitor Minh-Thi Nguyen said, “I also wanted to challenge myself to new and exciting math problems.”

The competition consists of 20 multistep challenging math problems that are given a two and a-half-hour time frame for competitors to finish.

“It was intense,” high school senior Zoe Feng said, “The test requires you to think and approach problems from different angles.”

The contestants were served lunch at the Stratton Student Center before the awards ceremony, and the parents and other competitors could socialize.

“I learned a lot about different girls during the trip,” Nguyen said, “I learned about their backgrounds and lifestyles, and it was really interesting to see how math can tie us all together.”

The ceremony was held at the Kresge Auditorium, and trophies were given to the top 35 finishers. Harvard Professor Dr. Radhika Nagpal gave a 30 minute keynote lecture, followed by brief speeches from many distinguished guests.

Math Prize for Girls