By Hannah Li

Twenty students from all around Orange County came to the first High School Math Class, hosted by OCMC, on Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10-12 a.m. at Ardent Academy Northwood.

For the first hour, the students took a mock test to assess their skill level and test taking abilities. During the second hour, two OCMC volunteers, assistant director Anivrit Subramanian and director Jason Ye did step-by step demonstrations of problems that the students missed, as well as showing the students tricks and tips on math problems that they might have had a little trouble on.

“[I came to] learn,” high school student Jasmine Ying says, “I liked the experience, and I got what I came for.”

However, it was not all serious. Ye told many stories about famous mathematicians and also about his own experiences with math, so the class was not only extremely educational, but fun as well. Near the end of class, one story told by Ye about a famous mathematician named Serge Lang had the students laughing and leaving the class on a high note.

“[My teaching experience] was very good,” OCMC volunteer Jason Ye says, “I really enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge with [the students].”

The next class will be on October 15, and high school students are welcome to come and join in to learn about math.