By Staphany Hou

This past Saturday on February 23rd, Laguna Hills High School hosted its 21st annual Model United Nations, with 15 schools from across Orange County attending. Laguna Hills MUN conference is just one day and includes novice, mixed, and advanced committees. This year’s conference had more specialized committees than ever, with three “Crisis” committees and an Edge of War committee, adding up to a total of 19 committees of all skill levels.

An early opening ceremony introduced this conference’s fundraiser: Futbol 4 Dreams, a nonprofit organization that sends soccer balls and sports material to children worldwide. Throughout the course of day, delegates took time out of committee to decorate soccer balls that would be donated to Uganda.

After a short video, everyone broke for committee to commence the first session of debate, in which delegates debated everything from the West Central African Drug Trade to the floods in Pakistan. An hour of lunch ended with the second session of committee, in which new topics were discussed, caucus groups formed, and resolutions submitted for presentation. Discussion continued all the way until 3:40pm, when committees ended for the closing ceremony, and chairs gathered to prepare awards. By 4pm, awards were beginning to be passed out – Laguna Hills follows the traditional three levels of awards: Commendation, Outstanding, and Best Delegate, with extra awards for exemplary research papers. A successful day concluded with the final gavel tap by Laguna Hills MUN’s Secretary General, Roohi Kumar.

Congratulations to all Laguna Hills MUN Conference winners and thank you to Laguna Hills MUN secretariat for a successful conference!