By Michelle Xu

Beckman High School has a lot of clubs. But arguably one of the longest running clubs at Beckman is its Mock Trial Club. For more than 6 years, the Mock Trial club has worked hard to promote interest in studying the law, teamwork, public speaking, and thinking on your toes. And what’s even better? There’s no experience needed to join.

Mock trial is an imitation of a real court trial. Participants dress up as they would in a real trial. Students pretend to be attorneys or witnesses of a specific case (that changes every year) on either the prosecution side or the defense side. The point of the prosecution side is to prosecute someone who they believe committed a crime. The defense side will try to prove why that person is innocent.

The Mock Trial Club currently runs under the direction of Vivien Nguyen, a senior at Beckman, and Marissa Gerchick, a junior at Beckman. The club meets every Monday and Wednesday after school for two hours. Members get to choose whether to be witnesses or attorneys, and whether they want to be on the prosecution or defense side. Then everyone splits up into their respective roles and prepare their material. All this hard work and dedication is targeted for tournament rounds against other schools in Orange County that are held at the Santa Ana Courthouse.

So why should you do mock trial? “It’s a good way of getting involved at campus,” says Vivien. “Everyone has the potential to be good at mock trial, but it requires a lot of hard work and passion.” With dedicated captains and a hardworking team, Beckman High’s Mock Trial Club might run for years more.