By Michelle Xu and Dana Chen

Does inaction to injustice make individuals morally culpable? Do the benefits of First Amendment protection outweigh the harms? On April 27-28, 2015, a total of 60 teams from different schools gathered at the annual Bruschke Invitational to debate these topics and more, held at California State University Fullerton.
One of the biggest speech and debate invitationals there is, the Bruschke Invitational has a large variety of events. Speech events included Original Oratory, Impromptu, and Dramatic Interpretation. Debate events included Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Parliamentary.

The Bruschke Invitational 2015 kicked off on Saturday April 27th at nine in the morning and continued for the rest of the day. The tournament consisted of five preliminary rounds on Saturday and four elimination rounds on Sunday. Competitors who got a record of 3:2 and higher were able to advance to the elimination rounds. At the end of Saturday, there was an awards ceremony that recognized the competitors that would move on to the elimination rounds, as well as the top speakers of each division.

On Sunday morning, the elimination rounds began, starting with octofinals. After each round the ballots were immediately turned in to determine who would advance to the next round. Although some competitors lost the rounds, they all stayed to watch the next rounds to gain more experience. By the time it got to the final round, a crowd had gathered to observe the talented speakers. Eventually, the winner was determined through careful consideration of the judges.
Although there are a lot of great speech and debate tournaments out there, the Bruschke Invitational definitely one not to miss. Whether it was representing their school or trying to compete to the very top, all the participants left the tournament with more experience and a new view to the world of public speaking.