By Stephanie Hu


“I think it was a great event to have because all these kids came and learned about observation skills when you’re using it in arts and journalism,” first time OC Arts instructor and OCSA senior Claire Choi said. “So, we combined the two organizations to spread our reach to the kids.”

Students experienced a series of exercises where they focused on the details such as describing scenes from a photo, discussing optical illusions, guessing famous artworks based off of details and creating their own stories based off their peer’s artwork.

“My favorite activity in the Creative Minds workshop was ‘Make a Story’ because I like to draw and write,” participant and fourth grader Jashuita Priya Veeramalla said. “Also, it is a very good way to make sure children understand art and words and how they go together.”

Although using details was emphasized throughout the workshop, the group ended with captioning photos using only six words or less. The activity was intended to help students be concise while still portraying all the elements of what they see.

“I think OC Scholar and OC Arts merged really well together because art and writing are both just different ways to express yourself,” OC Scholar President and Beckman High School senior Michelle Xu said. “We’re trying to inspire these kids to express themselves and use their imagination in new ways.”

OC Scholar and OC Arts are both part of a larger organization known as Math for Service. This was the first collaboration between the two groups.

“At the end of the day, it’s about the kids,” OC Scholar instructor and Irvine High School senior Harrison Zhang said. “Whatever we do, it’s to help find innovative ways to stretch the minds of the next generation and get them to think in different ways. I believe we planted that seed with this event in partnership with OC Arts.”

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