By Ellie Gibbs


Around the World week is one of Fairmont Prep Associated Student Body’s (ASB) most exciting events. As a school with students from all around the world, it should come as no surprise that celebrating each and every one of those cultures is a top priority, and a fun one. On March 13 and 14, each continent got to have their turn at showcasing what they have to offer with North America, South America, and Europe going first on Monday the 13 and Asia, Africa and Australia following up on Tuesday.

The hallways were decorated in Fairmont tradition with posters of as many countries as possible displaying each flag and at least three facts. Students enjoyed stopping in between classes to learn something new or feel proud to see their own country up on the wall.

In addition to this, ASB decided to do something new this year and ramped up the decorations. The hallways had skylines, jungles and deserts surrounding students and classrooms to remind us that the rest of the world isn’t just green paint and plaster.

With an extended lunch period, this year’s Around the World commissioners invited performers on stage as the school cheered and watched in the gym.


Day 1 brought in multicultural European gypsies and Brazilian samba dancers which wowed the students and encouraged a lot of participation. Day 2 invited two Japanese geishas and Indian Bollywood dancers which were equally entertaining and informational. As the students stepped outside, they were greeted with unlimited activities.

On Monday, there was a mime, photobooth, and face painting just to name a few. On Tuesday, henna, holi powder, free Asian snacks, and another photo booth to document the fun were just some of the options.

Some kids even took the multicultural education into their own hands and taught their peers about their home.

"Around the World week allowed me to learn about the different types of Chinese dialects," said junior Michelle Lee.

Students overall had a great time taking a break from learning in the classroom and instead learning hands on through experience and discovery about the people and cultures all around the world.