By Harrison Zhang

OC Scholar is proud to graduate our first class in a five-part inaugural journalism course last Friday, March 3 at Ardent Academy Northwood.

Naturally, OC Scholar presents a unique element to Math for Service due to its focus on the humanities -- interaction with everyday people.

With the journalism courses, both video and print, being a major initiative in OC Scholar to develop a more outreach-based organization, it’s incredible to see how the students of the community responded.

Volunteers in OC Scholar were able to reach the kids on a human level and truly enjoy learning the art of interaction together.

Although the curriculum revolved around journalism concepts, the root of it all ties back to telling and hearing stories. Interviews are not a rapid fire Q&A, but rather a conversation of people doing inspiring actions. Leads are not words on a page, but rather powerful vessels of conveying stories. Photos are not pixels on a screen, but rather an eternal snapshot of emotion.

Students left learning how to film and edit a broadcast, interview sources, draw editorial cartoons, write scripts and more.

Through our eyes we see journalists. Through our hearts we see storytellers.