By Harrison Zhang
2017 OC Scholar Course 4

The fourth course in a five part series for OC Scholar’s inaugural print and video journalism class was held Feb. 3 at Ardent Academy Northwood.

Print journalism spent their time covering the art of taking photos and the editing process through online photoshop and taking photos in Ardent Academy. The class also has a tradition of playing a crowd-favorite game, Spyfall where students ask descriptive questions to guess the location of a place.

2017 OC Scholar Course 1

“From OC Scholar print journalism classes, I’ve learned so many things including how to write a lead in AP Style,” print journalism student Tara Nguyen said. “I enjoyed playing Spyfall and learning about using social media for journalistic writing.”

Meanwhile, the video journalism class practiced impromptu speeches and discussed how the internet and mass media has changed the way journalists cover news topics. In previous classes, students have also made their own stand-up shots of news reports.

2017 OC Scholar Course 3

“I came to the video journalism course because I thought it might be fun,” video journalism student Antana Kalle said. “My favorite memory was when we made broadcast videos.”

The final class is scheduled to be on Friday, March 3 at Ardent Academy. The course series is full and now closed to the public.

2017 OC Scholar Course 2

“I’m extremely impressed with the manner in which all the volunteers conducted themselves throughout the entirety of the course,” OC Scholar Editor-in-Chief, print journalism course teacher and Irvine High School junior Harrison Zhang said. “The volunteers brought their A-game to each course and planning meeting which reflected back on the positive energy from the students.”

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