By Ellie Gibbs

Second Harvest Food Bank

It might not be obvious to us citizens of the clean, safe streets of Irvine or we inhabitants of the shiny shores of Newport Beach, but 335,000 people in our beloved Orange County go hungry each day.

It is thanks to organizations like the Second Harvest Food Bank of OC that 200,000 people each month can be fed.

Through events and special food drives that happen more than twice a month, the Second Harvest Food Bank of OC has helped make a difference in our community.

In November alone, the organization held a "No Lunch Lunch" educational event on the 22nd, an "Angels Groundskeepers Food Drive" on the 18th, and a "Sprouts Grab N' Give Food Drive" where people purchase and donate groceries on the 1st, just to name a few.

However, the administrators of the Food Bank did not accomplish this admirable feat alone. Fourth percent of the work is performed by generous volunteers from all over the county. With their help, 20,100,000 meals were successfully delivered last year alone and 2,700 kids get after school meals regularly.

We as citizens and members of the Orange County family can help make a difference. By either giving monthly, starting a food drive, or volunteering, we can reach all 335,000 people and make sure no one has to go to bed hungry.

Through opportunities like Izzy's Corner (a place where volunteers aged 7-13 can sort food), the Incredible Edible Farm (a community garden of sorts), and other special events held throughout the year, you can change the lives of many.