By Ellie Gibbs

Hurricane Matthew

The statistics surrounding the fearsome Hurricane Matthew are almost as devastating as the storm itself. Thankfully, the natural disaster that was officially titled “hurricane” on Sept. 29, per The Weather Channel was downgraded on Sunday, Oct. 9 to “post-tropical cyclone.” With at least 19 lives lost in the US alone, this will be one of those disasters that people around the country will never forget.

No one with a Waffle House in their neighborhood will forget one of the rare instances when the famous Southern “always-open” diner closed down. This company has one of the best and thoroughly considered emergency plans in the country, according to Panos Kouvelis, Ph.D, the director of the Olin's Boeing Center for Technology. It wasn’t until the closure of everyone’s favorite spot that some people took the hurricane seriously.

It’s even rumored that the US government unofficially uses the status of Waffle House’s business (full menu is green, half menu is yellow, and closed is an alarming red) to determine how dire the situation really is.

As the clouds clear the sky, the aftermath of the storm still leave a dark aura in states like North Carolina, where CNN reports flooding destroys the livelihood of citizens.
"This is a disaster area," North Carolina governor Pat McCrory said. "It's not going to recover in 24 hours, and it's still going on as we speak, not only in Princeville, but 150 miles from here."

At this point, the best we can do is offer support and prayers to the people of the South, who are resilient and have survived disaster after disaster.