By Staphany Hou

This past Saturday, February 2, at Westminster High School, Academic Decathlon teams from across the county gathered to complete their second day of competition. Each school sporting its school colors, students flocked towards the cafeteria to do some last minute cramming before the first of the tests began at 9:30am.

The first of the tests was math, 30 questions in 30 minutes covering statistics and probability. Then came social science, the history of Russia, and a short break, during which students crammed some more and frantically discussed their answers to the tests. The second session of multiple choice testing began with economics, then literature, covering this year’s novel: Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. Lunch followed, and students gathered around with their schools to consume delicious pizza, snacks, and drinks. The last testing session included music, which has a listening portion, art, and this year’s superquiz topic: science and Russia’s space race with America.

When all the scantrons and tests were collected, students gathered in the gym, where the Superquiz Relay was to be held. There, the Varsity, Scholastic, and Honors students competed in three separate rounds of competition. Each round consisted of 12 multiple choice questions covering all the subjects, except math, that were tested today. If you get the answer correct, you hold up a yellow card with the #1 on it to show your teammates in the stand that you go it right! An hour of competition soon concluded, and everyone was elated that this long but rewarding season of Academic Decathlon was done. The freshmen and sophomore competition will be held this May, but for the juniors and seniors, until next year!

Awards will be announced at next week’s awards ceremony held at Orange Coast College on Tuesday, February 12.