by Hannah Li

rsz canned food

Many people remember donating cans of food to their school’s food drive when they were young. I definitely remember going out to buy canned and boxed foods to donate to my class, especially around the holidays.

It’s usually a school competition that motivates kids to donate-and the prize for the class that donates the most. However, people need to remember the true reason behind all the donating-helping others. Too many kids are caught up in the competitive spirit of the game, and I have to say that I am one of those kids. Sure, the competition is a wonderful motivator to get kids to donate, but us kids are getting something in return- a pizza party or extra credit, and that’s not what giving is about.

The dictionary definition of donation is “an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution,” according to That means it’s given voluntarily without payment or compensation in return. Too many people, young and old, are forgetting that and expecting payment for their donation.

“Giving is showing your compassion for others, regardless the circumstances… Giving is to do something voluntarily without expecting compensation,” said Yi-ann Li, eighth grader at Ladera Ranch Middle School.

With that in mind, whether you are five years old or fifty, you’re never too young or too old to give.

Currently in the United States, about fifteen million children face hunger- one in five- and that’s fifteen million too many.

But, there’s something you can do! Find a food bank in your area, or start your own group. Volunteer at your local food bank or tutor kids about the hunger crisis. There are so many ways you can donate--don’t give up just because you’re a kid or because you have no idea what to do.