By Lucy Liu

Jackie Loh, a sophomore at University High School, wakes up early in the morning every day to attend Health and Art classes at University High School. After four long hours of summer school, she rushes to the girls’ locker room to change into her water polo uniform. Once a long day of practice is over, she still has more volunteer work at UHS Scientastic. A tight schedule during the summer kept her hustling from place to place, always having something to do.

One of her highlights of her busy day was helping UHS Scientastic. UHS Scientastic is a fun club which presents science experiments in an engaging way to kids. Jackie first joined Scientastic because of her interest in science and passion to pursue biotechnology. As a board member of Scientastic, Jackie helped the club recruit more people and teach kids at a new location, the Minnie Street Family Resource Center in Santa Ana. This summer, Jackie went to a family resource center in Anaheim and attended the IPSF STEAM Science Carnival in Tustin with Scientastic. Despite the pouring rain, people continued to volunteer at the carnival, participants showed up, and the festival continued on. Her experience at the carnival became her favorite memory of Scientastic. The experience showed how dedicated people in the community were to science, and even though there were less participants due to the rain, everyone still had fun.

“The club helped me improve my speaking skills and helped my learn how to work with other people better,” Jackie said on her experience with Scientastic. “I think the organizations I participated in … are really striving to help the community in different ways.”

Other than being a community helper, Jackie is also a dedicated athlete. At Water Polo camp, she built personal skills, increased swim speed, and built team chemistry. Practices were difficult after a full day of classes, but Jackie always looked forward to them. Not only did she become a better athlete, she also made many new friends with the incoming freshman.

Despite her tight schedule during the summer, Jackie felt much more productive since she finished her school’s elective credits and Water Polo camp was a great way to hone her skills and have fun. Still, she is a regular high school student.

“I also feel this summer was very short and I was not able to spend much time with friends outside of school activities,” Jackie said.
Even though her summer was short-lived, it was definitely more productive than her freshman year. Next year, she hopes to practice for the SAT and ACT exams, since she was not able to schedule time for them this summer.
Summer break can seem short when there’s no break in between activities, but Jackie Loh was able to overcome the difficulties and make the most out of her summer.