By Lauren Chong 

STEAM for all organizations OC Scholar, OC Arts and OC Launch held a joint fun night event on Aug. 4 at Northwood Ardent Academy. Each organization ran activities pertaining to their field of interest: journalism, art or business.

OC Scholar organized a series of journalistic activities including a journalism heads-up game, caption matching, listening activity and a caption drawing exercise. These activities were meant to expose students to journalism and maybe even inspire them to pursue it later on.

“From these activities, students can learn valuable journalism skills that will help throughout their lives, and not just in journalism. By learning the skill to ask effective and efficient questions, students can apply this to all aspects of their life. Through quick note taking, students can write down important facts quickly,” OC Scholar board member Nithin Parthasarathy said.

To help students learn about the importance of personal finances in a fun and interactive way, OC Launch ran a board game similar to Monopoly with a focus on saving money, paying back debt and spending money wisely.

“I felt that people were increasingly more lenient with their spending techniques, so it is good to teach kids at a young age about the correct spending techniques,” OC Launch board member Soham Bose said.

OC Arts focused on a different side of STEAM by holding a variety of art-related activities. They ran activities such as interpretive drawing and clay sculpting. Each activity was meant to inspire the kids to think creatively and

“We want kids to learn that science doesn’t always have to be classroom learning, taking notes and purely scholarly stuff. It can be more artistic, hands-on approach to learning scientific concepts, so they can learn that science could be fun,” co-president of OC Arts Jaimin Patel said.

Many of the kids came in interested in field of the events hosted, but learned much more than just the field of their interest.

“I came here to learn more about art, but the teachers were great and the activities were fun as well,” fun night participant Darren Lin said.

At the end of the event, both volunteers and students mentioned the amount of fun they had while also learning in each rotation.

“It was an event that connected my experiences with the things I know with those of the kids,” Bose said. “I think the students learned a lot in each activity as well." 

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