By Samiksha Komatireddy


What else is better than playing chess on a hot summer afternoon in a chilled room. On July 23rd, 2018, Katie Wheeler Library had held its monthly event “Chess Club for Youth” hosted by Beckman High School Senior, Christopher Wang.


“Chess Club for Youth” was created for all ages of the youth to have a chance to compete with other kids of their age range to show some of their skills into play.

“I came here today because I wanted to play real chess,” said Canyon View Elementary third grade student, Rhea Majmudar. “I usually play with my dad for fun but today, I wanted to play with kids of my age and see if I would win against them”.


The event had started at 1 pm and ended at 3 pm. The kids were enjoying the games and many even decided to have a little competition to see who would win the greatest amount of times. Parents enjoyed watching their kids play as well.


“I like to play chess because it helps me focus on what I am doing,” said Peters Canyon Elementary fourth grade student, Yijia Feng. “When I play chess, it helps me control my stress and feel free.”


Even though it is still summer, there was a great turnout of kids and everyone had so much fun.


“I learned chess when I came to the United States two years ago,” said Feng. “I found a chessboard at my house and started learning it on my own. And now today, I taught my friend how to play chess which I am very proud of. I am super glad I was able to come here today and pass on my skills to my friends.”