OC Science board members and incoming seniors Neah Lekan and Sriram Balachandran arrived early to secure a spot with a pit for the group. With summer just around the corner, volunteers unwinded together from a year of hard work and service to bond through activities such as beach volleyball and water-gun wars.

“The activities were very fun and I was able to bond with many new Math for Service volunteers,” Beckman High School incoming senior Michelle Xu said.

In addition to talking amongst each other and splashing in the waves, volunteers brought a variety of food for the potluck. Dishes included noodles, eggrolls, sandwiches and other snack items. Snacks such as the chips and cookies disappeared in a heartbeat.

The bonfire concluded with roasting marshmallows over a firepit for smores. Volunteers gathered around the firepit with skewers in hand as the smokey aroma filled the air.

“The bonfire is always a unique event, where volunteers across Math for Service get to know each other and just relax,” University High School junior Amy Zhong said. “It's a great way to kick off a busy summer.”