By Imaani Choudhuri

The resonant sound of the violin hovers in the air long after the bow has left the string, and a smattering of applause arises afterward. But this isn't just any Christmas concert: all the performers are high school students, and the audience is a group of amiable senior citizens.

The Woodbridge Music to Heal club meets weekly and performs on Saturday at a variety of different venues. The group of dedicated musicians are involved in the music and vocal programs at Woodbridge, and get community service hours for their volunteer work. This week, the club members perform cheery holiday tunes to brighten the atmosphere. The importance and fun of the volunteers’ work is especially reminiscent of the Christmas spirit.

“Well, I feel like Christmas is about the joy of giving to other people,” said one of the club members, a junior at Woodbridge. “I already love to play my instrument, and being able to help other people by doing so makes it more fun, even if performing in front of an audience is a bit scary. I remember one time when we had to perform at this outdoor stage at a fundraising event, and at first it was really scary, but as we played, and once we were finished, I felt really good. If anyone is interested in joining the club, I would tell them to go ahead, because it’s a really fun experience and it helps you become better as a musician.”

The Music to Heal club is a fun way for high school students to spread awareness and help people through the power of music. This year, they hope to perform at a variety of new events and continue to recruit new members for Saturday performances. Even though Christmas eventually ends, volunteering is a way to keep on giving any time of year.