By Stephanie Hu

2017 OC Arts Benefit Concert 1

Families flocked to the Irvine Presbyterian Church not only to enjoy music and performances, but also to support those who have suffered from domestic violence.

Hosted by OC Arts, the Art From the Heart Annual Benefit Concert featuring 17 performers was held on Feb. 19 at the Irvine Presbyterian Church.

With performances ranging from piano pieces, a clarinet solo, to even a magic show, this year’s concert was able to raise awareness and funds toward victims of domestic violence.

2017 OC Arts Benefit Concert 3

“Since OC Arts is a little different from other organizations, we focus on performances instead,” OC Arts President and Northwood High junior Michelle Kim said. “Performances are where we can show our talents more easily, especially in our concerts.”

In addition to the performances, an art auction and a book sale helped to fundraise for the cause. Audience members were also encouraged to donate.

2017 OC Arts Benefit Concert 2

All profits made from the event were given to Human Options, an organization that aims to protect victims of domestic violence. With the help of donations, the organization can provide services like emergency shelters, transitional housing and a 24 hour hotline for victims.

More information about Human Options can be found here.

2017 OC Arts Benefit Concert 4

“I hope that more people start to appreciate the arts and how it can impact our community and the outside world,” Kim said. “We can use those arts to make an effort to help others.”

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