By Isabelle Lee

SANTA ANA HIGH SCHOOL, SANTA ANA -- On the windy Friday night of December 2nd, University High School’s Dance Company performed in the Santa Ana Dance Invitational, which was hosted by Santa Ana High School.

A variety of schools in the Southern California region each presented several of their pieces in the show. All of the dancers met the Thursday before the show for a dress rehearsal, where detailed preparations for lighting, music cues, and stage spacing were made. All schools had been making preparations far before the dress rehearsal, however, to make sure their pieces were ready for the show.

University High School’s Dance Company worked for many weeks and months prior to the show date to complete, clean, and perfect the two pieces they performed. The Santa Ana Invitational was a chance for them to showcase their hard work.

Their first piece was an Indian cultural piece titled Tum Mujhe Milgaye where the dancers told the story of being lost and reunited with their lovers through their beautiful movements. The intricacy of the costumes, the graceful movements, the emotions, and the vibrant colors all came together in a beautiful piece that the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

Santa Ana Dance Invitational

Their second piece showcased a completely different side of Uni’s Dance Company - it was performed to the song Bare Necessities in the prominent swing-dance style of the 1950s as the dancers wore frilly, bright blue dresses. It first began with dancers holding their heads in despair and establishing a very melancholy tone. However, as the piece went on, the dancers eventually became happier and danced to the catchy, upbeat tone of the song, showing that even happiness can be found in times of distress and pain. The highly interactive and lively piece amused and entertained the audience.

After the show ended, Vice-President of Uni’s Dance Company Julia Cheng said, “Santa Ana is a beautiful celebration of different styles of dance.” She added, “All the different schools bring their own unique style of choreography and movement and blend together into one awesome show!"
The dancers went home tired, but looking forward to the next Santa Ana Invitational the following year.