By Isabelle Lee

Comedy Sportz

UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL, IRVINE – University High School’s Comedy Sportz team held their first show of the school year on the evening of Friday, September 16th.

Comedy Sportz is a competitive team that plays against other high schools in live matches. The players must be witty, quick-thinking and skilled at improvisatory comedy, often drawing on the acting and drama components of the arts. The show features a high level of interaction between the team members and the audience, for players base their games upon the random topic suggestions of the audience. Each show is composed of two matches between two sets of opposing, four-player teams, and each match is made up of five to six rounds of different impromptu comedy games.

One such game, Slideshow, took an audience member’s suggestion of “Disneyland”. In this game, two players pretended to be still figures in a picture frame, while the other two players in the same team described these “pictures” to the audience, reminiscing about their imaginary trip to Disneyland.

A game called Dance Party required all the players from both teams to dance for a few seconds and freeze when the music stopped. The “referee” of the game chose a few players to stay on stage and then proceed to improvise a scene based on the position they froze in.

The two-hour show captivates the audience by maintaining a high level of involvement between the audience members and the players. At the end of each match, the audience chooses the winning team by the measure of the volume of applause.

“In the beginning, I chose to join Comedy Sportz to try something new, but then it turned into something I love and hold onto dearly,”Comedy Sportz participant and sophomore Rishan Ephrem said. “I just love acting and having no boundaries.”

The next Comedy Sportz shows will be their Halloween Match on October 21 at 6:30 p.m., and a match against University High School’s Assistant Student Body (ASB) on December 2 at 6:30 p.m.