• Journalism classes

    Join us for a new print and video journalism classes.
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  • STEAM in the Park

    Hundreds of parents, students and educators from across Orange County and beyond flocked to Bill Barber Park in Irvine, Calif. last Sunday for one phrase: STEAM.
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  • Math For Service creates sparks at bonfire

    Math for Service members enjoy the beach at Corona del Mar Beach on Sunday, June 19 inviting a warm summer vibe, bonding with other volunteers.
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  • About OC Scholar

    Orange County Scholar is a student-run, nonprofit online newspaper that serves as a unified source for academic news across Orange County, highlighting individual and team achievements.
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  • 1 Math Prize for Girls encourages young women
  • 2 Zika virus proves "scarier than we initially thought"
  • 3 Science Olympiad: not your ordinary science competition
  • 4 University High's Comedy Sportz team kicks off the school year
  • 5 High School Math Class spreads love of math
  • 6 Girls Who Code spreads love of computer science
  • 7 STEAM in the Park

Editorials and Columns

  • With Great Guns, Comes Great Responsibility +

    The Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm, but state legislation can still restrict this right, with firearm regulation varies widely among fifty states. Read More
  • Common Core: How Beneficial is the New System? +

    Common Core has been slowly taking over America's schools. But what exactly is Common Core? Read More
  • College Rankings +

    With a plethora of magazines pumping out college rankings every year, it's important to know how they're ranked. Read More
  • The Redesigned SAT: New vs. Old +

    The SAT is going through a dramatic new redesign. How advantageous are these changes? Read More
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